What's going on in ... ? - German for beginners in 11 sequels


Each episode of our soap opera is introduced by a commentary. In fact the soap opera itself does not begin in the section Start. You will be linguistically prepared in the beginning.

The commentary sections were filmed in a kindergarten which the child performers attend. They are assisted by the three children from the soap opera, Jenny, Manuel and Kai-Lino.

There was a gap of several years between the filming of the original soap opera and the commentary. You can see how much older the children are – and how they have changed. As time goes by - and continues...

Children and adults

Children don’t always speak very clearly, so we were further assisted by the actor and German scholar  Michael Patterson from England and the singer Eileen Küpper, who comes from South Africa .

Michael is an expert in so-called Poor Theatre.  We told him what passages were going to be presented, and Michael, helped by Eileen and the children, simply improvised with the props and furniture that were to hand in the kindergarten.

Eileen’s participation was very important, since we have never come across anyone who speaks German better than her. She is a professional voice coach.


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