German for beginners in 11 sequels
Video/ DVD

Watching the sample sequences

You can order the video or DVD privately or you ask a library to order the material for you. Then you can try it out. To watch the sample sequence you need RealPlayer which is free of charge. You will be automatically connected with the download site when you click on RealPlayer.

You should watch the episodes in consecutive order. Only when you easily understand every word and have completed the exercises you should watch the next episode. (If you would like to know how the video episode is structured, click here.)

  1. Try to anticipate what the people might want to say when you watch the episode for the first time.
  2. The second time compare your predictions with the translation provided with the dialogues and see whether you were right.
  3. Concentrate on the pronunciation during the third viewing. Follow the dialogue in German (using the subtitles), comparing the sound to the way the word is written.
  4. Now watch the episode again without the aid of the transcript or the subtitles, checking to see whether you can understand everything. If not, watch it again with the transcript.
  5. Watch the episode once more using the dialogue with gaps. Fill in the gaps while listening. If you want to print out only one copy of the text, use a pencil, so you can erase everything or write the missing words on another sheet of paper.
  6. Print out the cloze dialogues a second time. Try to fill in the gaps from memory, without listening to the dialogue. If this proves too difficult, watch the episode again, but without sound.
  7. Now do the exercises in the workbook as well as the online exercises. The online exercises are the most important exercises for you. You can't do without them. In the workbook you can find references to helpful online exercies.
    Use the report sheet in your workbook to get an overview of your work already done.
  8. Finally you can cover the transcript of the dialogue and try to reconstruct the dialogue with the aid of the translation. But do not overdo it!

If you find another procedure more helpful, feel free to use it. The main thing is that you use the material in the way most conducive to your learning style.

Some episodes contain a lot of material. Don’t overdo it! Go at your own pace. Simply work for only 2 or 3 minutes of film following the recommended procedure, and continue slowly. Expect to spend about 300 hours on the course!

Reward yourself at the end of every unit, and especially after every test, as you have taken a big step towards learning German. If you are doing the course alone, there is nobody there to praise you, so you have to do this yourself!

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