German for beginners in 11 sequels

Download workbook [16,07MB] (complete, not definitive version; free of charge. It is a very big document. If you don't have a fast connection, download the single chapters.)

You should definitely print out the workbook. Be sure to choose the one with the appropriate language for you. If you have good eyes and want to save paper, you could always print two course pages on one sheet of paper.

We don’t think much of language courses which require a lot of time sat in front of the computer, which is both boring and unhealthy. Make yourself comfortable somewhere nice with the workbook – or even relax in bed, on the beach or in a lovely meadow? Try to take advantage of the time on public transport, train or plane, in waiting rooms or wherever else you are and study some German. The workbook is intended for use after you have watched the episode.

The workbook is in PDF format and requires a PDF reader, such as Acrobat Reader to be opened. You can download Acrobat Reader free of charge here, but check if you already have a copy on your computer first!

Go to menu item exercises to learn more about the different elements of this course.

Here you can download the single chapters. Click on the logo to get the files.

Part Size
Episode Start [2,91 MB]
Episode 1 [1,92 MB]
Episode 2 (incl. Test A) [2,03 MB]
Episode 3 [1,84 MB]
Episode 4 (incl. Test B) [3,03 MB]
Episode 5 [1,44 MB]
Episode 6 [1,57 MB]
Episode 7 (incl. Test C) [2,70 MB]
Episode 8 [1,90 MB]
Episode 9 (incl. Test D) [1,99 MB]
Episode 10 (incl. Test E) [3,14 MB]
Episode 11 (incl. Test F) [1,53 MB]


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