What's going on in ... ? - German for beginners in 11 episodes

Actors: the inhabitants of Hauptstraße 117

The topicality of our model series "Lindenstraße" has been replaced by authenticity.

Therefore we did without professional actors.

Instead we searched for telegenic representatives of typical milieus. The screenplay was only conceived after the cast had been fixed and so the parts were tailor-made for them and the characters didn’t need to be acted.

The protagonists simply had to put themselves into the situations given, with many details of their real biography being taken on in the film biography.
Therefore, as a rule we kept the original names.

Only Susanne and Robert Tomasek were acted. We watched the real Mrs “Tomasek” (name was changed) with her three children for years. She lived in the neighbouring house, came from Poland and didn’t speak any German. She was never seen to smile in the three years she was our neighbour. She was to shy to accept any invitation and completely withdrew into herself . The series made Anna, which was her real name, German, since after all we are supposed to be learning German.

The descriptions of the individual characters on the screen are based on their real biographies.

The details are based on the situations in life which the actors found themselves in at the beginning of shooting in 1992.

In describing the individual roles only the differences have been marked.

The accompanying descriptions of the people refer to the series characters and not to reality.


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