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Susanne - the disappointed

In reality:

Born at Langenberg on May 15th, 1962
Grew up at Langenberg
Lives at Langenberg
Marital status: single, one child
Training: film, Germanistics and and Italianistics
Profession: teacher
Hobbies: singing, dancing

In the series:

Born at Recklinghausen on October 1st, 1960
Grew up at Oer-Erckenschwick near Recklinghausen
Lived in Prague from 1979 to 1990
Lives at Langenberg (since 1990)
Marital status: married, 3 children
Trainining: confectioner (not completed)
Status: housewife

Susanne was fed up with the fuggy atmosphere of the small town in the Ruhr-area.

1979 she spent her holiday in Prague, fell in love with the unconventional Robert Tomasek and stayed there. Her parents never forgave her. When they lost their lives in a traffic accident in 1986 the pregnant Susanne even refused to attend the funeral. The first years in Prague were very happy.But there was a growing shortage of money because of the children, and the contrast between her own life and that of the Western tourists grew bigger and bigger. When Robert’s business suffered from the collaps of the Eastern Bloc the Tomaseks decided to return to Susanne’s home country Germany. But they had not expected housing problems and unemployment.

Susanne regrets to have broken off all contacts to Germany. She can no longer rely on Robert. He has given up all hopes and feels superfluous and as a failure. Because of the children she is tied up with the house and cannot take any initiative herself. And Robert is so depressive so that she cannot leave it to him to educate the children.

It will certainly take another two years before she gets places for all children in the Kindergarten. Back to Prague? Sometimes she thinks it would the best to do. But she knows that the economic situation there is difficult. The Prague friends have problems, too. But there are friends, at least. Here in Germany she feels terribly lonely. The only persons to talk to are the children. And she is worrying about them. Jenny is much too anxious and shy. Manuel is much too cheeky. And Kai Lino grumbles all day long and does not eat properly. She is losing her vitality step by step. Sometimes she is full of despair. Why not separate from Robert?

She would do so if she could find a home for herself and the children. But she also feels responsibility for him. In Prague he took care of the family. But Germany is her home. After Robert’s accident she is realising that it is her job to take full responsibility.


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