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Manuel, Jenny und Kai Lino - the children

In reality:

Manuel (Jenny’s brother)
born: on August 14th, 1985 in Velbert
place of residence: Velbert-Langenberg

Jenny (Manuel’s sister)
born: on May 19th, 1987 in Velbert
place of residence: Velbert-Langenberg

Kai Lino
born: on November 9th, 1989 in Essen
place of residence: Velbert Langenberg

In the series:

children of Mr and Mrs Tomasek

The family circumstances will definitely leave their mark on the Tomasek’s children.

The mother is overburdened and overtaxed, depressed and nearly always serious.

The father is a man sitting in front of the TV set all day long, giving the impression that it is definitely not a good idea to bother him for whatever reason.

Fortunately, there are three kids in the family. Being able to entertain themselves, they are not dependent on their parents.

None of them are of school age yet. They would go to kindergarten, but without any vacancies they can’t.

So, they still lack experience in comparing the lifestyle of their own family with that of other kids.

We know that at German kindergartens and schools children often become friends with children from the same background with comparable living standards.

This is so as the parents themselves usually prefer to keep company with people of a similar social status.

The Tomasek’s can’t keep up with this.


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