What's going on in ... ? - German for beginners in 11 episodes

Harald – the invisible

In reality:

Born: on October 25th in Mettmann near Düsseldorf
Raised in: Mettmann
Currently living in: Mettmann
Marital status: married with one child
Education: teacher
Profession: independent artist (painter), lecturer in graphic design

In the series:

Marital status: single
Profession: teacher

Only once we get a glimpse of Harald, the teacher, who lives alone on the top floor.

We see Frau Hinz passing him the daily newspaper he has a subscription for. (see episode 5)

So we have proof of him being a tenant in the house.

Harald is a shy, reserved person living a very secluded life.

He is not interested in socializing with the other tenants, does not enjoy gossiping and refrains from sharing the events or non-events in his life with others.


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